More Summer Slamming!

Posted: August 5, 2013 in Uncategorized

At the last summer slam, on July 20th, I went to the show planning to slam, but we had to bump someone and I decided I would rather let Nathanael and Daniel slam so I voluntarily skipped.

This weekend, I was back and ready to slam! I had a new 1-minute poem and I was ready to go!

In the first round I decided to do ‘Speed Dial’, which had done well for me at the Semi-Finals this year.

Oops. Stumbled some words. It still went okay. People liked it but I took a little (well-deserved, due to the error) score slip and ended up in 7th. That would put me in the second round but due to me weakness in 1-minute poems, I figured that was as far as I would get.


In the 1-minute Lightning Round I had a new piece. I wrote it back in February, 2012 originally, as a three minute poem… but it just didn’t quite work. It had a framing sequence that I really liked and soem guts that said what I wanted it to say, but it didn’t totally work as a poem. So I decided to rewrite it, concentrating on the framing sequence. It is called ‘Merchant of Salt’. (I’ll post both versions up here soon.)

As I performed it, I wasn’t sure if it had worked. It is fairly dramatic in presentation and the reaction was very subdued… until the end.

Yeah, they liked it.

I got the top score in the second round and had rocketed all the from 7th to 3rd.

In the third round I was going to do The Stranger. It has always done well for me, but I pick and choose when I am goign to perform it because it doesn’t work as well when fire is called for.

As I approached the mic, I did something I never do. I decided to change how I perform the poem. The crowd was relatively small and I decided to start quiet and slow. I knew I had time so I slowed down the pacing, knowing I had some faster parts later. I made them LISTEN.

It worked.

It worked REALLY well.

After the show, Brad told me that he actually got chills listening to it.

The judges agreed and I got the highest scores of the night (tied with PrufRock’s third round poem).

In the end I finished second, but considering that it was a climb from seventh, that is hardly something to be disappointed about.

So it sames I have a new good 1-minute poem and a new way to perform and ‘old classic’.

Good night!

For anyone who doesn’t know, I will be performing with the rest of the CapSlam team (Bruce Narbaitz, V, D-Lightfull and Gavin Russell) along with a couple of special guests (Brad Morden and Lucila al Mar) and an open mic and Pressed Cafe on August 14th. It is a fundraiser for the team so coem on out and see some great poetry, listen to some music and help the team!


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