Featuring at OYPS

Posted: December 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

This past monday I was the feature at the Ottawa Youth Poetry Slam.

Featuring there is different than most places, as it also includes a workshop on the topic of my choice. By request of one of the participants, I did a workshop about how to run a slam. I also talked about getting involved and taking ownership of the Collective. It wasn’t what everyone was expecting but it went pretty well, I think.

Then I did my set. Normally, when I do a set I try to bring soemthing new… even if I have to read it. This time I went a little different, realizing that for the most part, the youth haven’t heard my older material (though there was a number of ‘vets’ in attendence… Kevin Matthews, Ian Keteku, Kay’la Fraser, Brad Morden, Candice Bruchhaeuser etc.)

So, I want back… way back… to when I first STARTED performing poetry. The set list was:


Why Art?


A Dream of Music

Blue, Black or Red


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