Again? Really?

Posted: December 23, 2013 in Uncategorized

I guess I should stop being suprised when I win a slam… but I don’t think of myself in those terms, really. I am the guy who finishes third, or fifth come finals night.

This year we have had nine slams in the season. I have slammed in… five of them? I think.

I won three.

PrufRock won four. (Counting the one we tied, where I won the tiebreaker).

The other three were won by Kay’la Fraser, Billie the Kid and P-Rime.

So why do I continue to feel like an underdog? Why is it that when I look at doing the CIPS Qualifier I think I have no real chance to win?

This time out, I had no plans to slam. A couple of days before the show I realized that I should make sure I am ready because having a show on Dec. 21st increases the possibility that we will be short slammers. I had an OYPS feature earlier in the week so I pulled two poems out of that set and made sure I was ready.

As usual, when I do that, by the time the show comes I just sign up. It goes from ‘just in case’ to ‘I am slamming’. If I am going to prep, I am going to slam. We weren;t short slammers, but I went up anyway.

I did Why Art? in the first round. I haven’t slammed that it quite a while and I was mostly just doing this to entertain myself. There was soem recognition when I started it, and it felt really good up on stage. I got a 29.8

Yeah. Out of 30.

Now, the socres were really high all night, but this was still the highest score by a solid margin (.4, I think). The scores were so high that Sarah Ruszala’s 28.9 didn’t get in the second round.

In round 2 I did Blue, Black or Red. It was slower. Heavier.

29.8 again. I got the highest score both rounds, despite having some serious competition from King Kimbit, Ali Bumaye, Billie the Kid and Abby Kassirer.

It was a good night. (Capped off by Eggs Pacific at Zak’s! Yum!)

So, I am doing the CIPS qualifier on Feb. 22nd. I need one each of 1, 2, 3, and 4 minute poems.


Last year it went to a tiebreaker between Sir Realist and Kay’la Fraser. They are both back this year. PrufRock was the other finalist and he is also back. Stiff competition.

Time to get serious.


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