Oh Yeah… Finals… and the Latest in Misogynist FASHion

Posted: May 29, 2014 in Uncategorized

So, I didn’t post here after Finals because I wasn’t really happy about it.

I am over it. Mostly.

I posted before finals that I was okay with not winning, and that was true.

What I was thinking about was me not performing as well as I had hoped.

What was more frustrating was that I felt like I killed my pieces and still didn’t do as well as I hoped.

Oh well.

First round I drew first. Bummer. I did a new poem called ‘Heroes’. I nailed it. I got scores. They were low but so were the sac scores so it might not be score creep…

Nope. I got score creeped hard. (As did Sarah…) Oh well. I still had two more poems.

Second round, I drew second. Bummer again. I did Angst. It went very well. I made up ground on nearly everybody. (Though not Gavin, who was in first, because he did just as well.)

Third round, I drew first again. Sigh. Nearly the WORST POSSIBLE draws.

I had good luck on draws all year. I guess this is payback.

I did another new poem, called ‘Day One’.

It went over really big. I nailed it and it seemed to really speak to people.

And then I got really bland scores.

On the night, I was really frustrated. It is worse to feel like you did everything RIGHT and not get the results you think you have earned, then to make mistakes.

I have been told that maybe I didn’t show enough range on the night. Maybe. At least that is a reason I can get behind.

Regardless, I am not unhappy now. I am on a cool seeming team with some talented teammates – most of whom have never had this opportunity before. We are at my favorite part of slamming – working with the team and forging new bonds.


And besides, being unhappy that I didn’t get scores really pales in comparison to the insanity that followed this week.

Being reminded about how far we are away from a society that actually values people and doesn’t try to perpetuate imbalances by lashing out against those who are opposed to those imbalances is frustrating.

I’ll admit that watching the absolute meltdown by a misogynist on my Facebook wall was somewhat amusing. At least he can no longer claim to be ‘misundersood’. No chance of that now. You made yourself crystal clear.

Remember this important fact, men… whenever you respond to statements about the problems women face in our society with a statement that ‘not all men’ are like that, you are prioritizing avoiding blame over trying to fix the problem.

There are some things that only men can fix when it comes to the treatment of women. There are other things that men CANNOT fix.

But whichever issue you see, first-things-first, don’t be part of the problem. And when you prioritize avoiding blame you become part of the problem.

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