Not a Retirement Announcement

Posted: June 22, 2015 in Uncategorized

Over the last couple of slams (both CPC Summer Slams), where I hosted, I realized something…

I don’t want to slam anymore.

I am not turning my back on slam or spoken word. I am still very involved (I am the National Slam Master for Spoken Word Canada and the Slam Master for Capital Slam), and the ‘sport’ still fascinates me nearly as much as the art.

But I just don’t want to compete.

At both of the last two shows, as well as hosting, I dropped a few poems each night. I acted as an impromptu Open Mic and the Sac Poet and I really enjoyed that. I still love writing and sharing and performing.

I want something to be VERY CLEAR, I am not ‘announcing my retirement’ from slam. Honestly, I have always found that to come across as somewhat arrogant… as if I were somehow ‘better’ than a slammer now.

That isn’t the case. At all.

Besides, this isn’t a ‘never again’ screed. Just because I don’t want to slam now doesn’t mean I won’t want to in a year. Or five years. Or whenever. I am still a member of the CapSlam team for CFSW this year and I am looking forward to seeing my team hit the stage. (And, I think I will do Underground Indies this year. I have never done them before and I have at least one poem I would really like to share with my peers.)

To everyone who loves slam, so do I. This is not ‘anti-slam’ in any way. I still love it and want to do my part to keep it going and I can’t wait to hear the next voice to step on stage.

(While everyone – including me – is thrilled with the talent of the great young poets in the region, I want to figure out a way to find the real unserved demographic. I started slamming at 38. Since then, how many regular slammers have we had START in that age range? The only person I can think of off the top of my head is Marz…)

Anyway… this is just me talking. I love poetry and spoken word and slam… I am just going to stop competing for a bit.

It has been nine years. I deserve a break.


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