Breaks and Beats – The Duncameron 3

Posted: December 6, 2015 in Uncategorized

I haven’t posted a poem in a while.

This one cakes from the Duncameron project I started a long while back and never really got anywhere with. This poem is one of the reasons.

I liked the first two poems I wrote. Then I didn’t really like the next two poems.


January, 2013

So, I play poker and sometimes luck feel tangible, either good or bad. This is in answer to that.

Breaks and Beats – The Duncameron 3

Some people get all the breaks
Cruising through life
With a personal Lady Luck
Complete with a 4-leaf clover
And the feet of any number
OF much less lucky rabbits.
Morrissey said, “We hate it when
Our friends become successful.”
But I think our eyes go green
When we think success
Came too easy –
Like we would turn down
A magic ride a la 6/49
Or that lunch counter
Casting agent.

Some people take the deal,
Player ht stable,
Slide chips, stack and shuffle
But alway seem to eat that
2-out river card that takes
Your 8 to 1 odds and teaches
You what a bad beat really means.

When your life feels like it
Could be permanently emblazoned
With the ridiculous
Which provides guilt
Instead of perspective
And taking ownership
Is a dead-weight feather
dropping on your already
Lightning-jagged spine
You have to remember that
Luck implies intent
And the universe
doesn’t care whether
You succeed or not.

We have to look out for
Each other,
Because that’s all
We’ve got.

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