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Since I wasn’t at Once Upon A Slam, Ruthanne acted as DJ (and host and sac…).

I was told I was missed. Awwwwwwww….

HOWEVER, the Kymeras did a show with Brendan McLeod and I did the DJ thing for that show. It is a little different than a slam. I was only playing songs before, after and on the break. No little song snippets to keep the crowd jazzed like during the slam.

Still, I have a playlist!

Vampire Weekend – Holiday
Van Morrison – Moondance
Manic Street Preachers – Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
Be – The Eighth Station of the Cross Kebab House
The Vaselines – You Think You’re A Man
Wale – Strings
The White Stripes – We Are Going To Be Friends
White Williams – New Violence
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Soft Shock
Amanda Palmer – No Surprises
Angus & Julia Stone – The Devil’s Tears
Animal Collective – Also Frightened
Arcade Fire – Neon Bible
Army Navy – Saints
Atlas Sound w. Noah Lennox – Walkabout
Babyshambles – Back From The Dead
The Be Good Tanyas – When Doves Cry
Beach House – Norway
Beck – Lazy Flies
Belle & Sebastian – White Collar Boy
Nobody f. Ikey Owens – Girls Alone (Nobody Muzak Mix)
Nouvelle Vague – Marian
Panda Bear – Pony Tail
Pas/Cal – Dearest Bernard Living
Paul Quinchette – The Blues I Like To Hear

I great week kind of… fell apart at the end. Is it a cosmic balance? If things go too well, we need to pay the price?

MONDAY – Monday night I joined three other members of the Capital Slam team on John Akpata‘s Monday Night Scribes show on CHUO. We discussed poetry and CFSW. John gave my book a big plug. It was just a lot of fun.

THURSDAY – I got advance copies of ‘Live at Capital Slam 2011’. This is going to be available this coming Saturday, Oct. 1st at Capital Slam. You WANT a copy of this. With a line-up that includes: Sense-Say, Loh El, Prufrock, Poetic Speed, Bruce Narbaitz, Sean O’Gorman, Mack Cannon, Elle P, Danielle K.L. Gregoire and MORE (including me). Excellent CD.

FRIDAY – In the morning I went on Friday Special Blend on CKCU. We plugged the CD, my book, and my show that night (more about that in a moment…)

During the day I found out that an on-line Q&A I had done with Rob McLennan was now up. I love this interview. So cool.

That evening I had to miss my first ever Once Upon A Slam so that I could feature at Urban Legends. What a great show! The Slam was excellent with the 2010 Capital Slam team (National Champions) throwing down a couple of team pieces. Just Jamaal took the win but there were also great showings by ArRay-of-WoRds, Loh El, Sean O’Gorman and more!

My feature set was a lot of fun. People seemed to really dig it and I had a great time!

My set list:
Why Art?
The Stranger
Moving to Arizona
The Four Horsemen (debut!)
Four-Colour World (debut!)

Lots of fun.

SATURDAY – More low key. I went to poker. I didn’t win, but it was a really fun game. I had a good time. Meanwhile Ruthanne went dancing with Nadine Thornhill and Natalie-Joy Quesnel at the Mercury Lounge (my home away from home). I swung by and picked her up (after a late meal at Zak’s… home away from home #3). Then home.

A good evening. A good night.

SUNDAY – Lunch at Sushi-Kan (home away from home #2). The Kymeras did a show with Brendan McLeod at the Merc (h-a-f-h #1). It didn’t go as well as we could have hoped. Doing a show on Sunday is always iffy so the crowd wasn’t as large as the last time Brendan was in town. Ruthanne asked me to do a couple of poems as an ‘opening act’. I did Why Art? and The Stranger, but the crowd wasn’t into it. In fact, they were pretty dead the whole show. They EVENTUALLY started laughing at Brendan’s stuff… but overall, not a stellar show. Too bad, but it happens.

Then home, and my back started to hurt. I guess I had been going pretty hard and was starting to pay for it. Eventually I decided I had better take a day off to rest my back.

MONDAY – If the lacklustre reception Sunday night followed by a sore back wasn’t enough… driving home Sunday night the brakes on the car started making a pretty bad grinding noise, so today the car went in to Midas.

The brake pads grinding MAY HAVE actually saved our lives. (That is me trying to put a positive spin on things) Our rear brake drum cylinder was leaking. Left alone, that would have been it. Suddenly no more brakes. Because the brake pads started to wear, we got it checked out.

Lucky… but I don’t feel lucky.

$1000 to fix it.

Holy crap.

I mean, we’ve got the money, but it REALLY hurts. That is money that should have been paying down our debts. Damn it.

I was on Friday Special Blend on CKCU this morning and despite a little problem with the track numbering (totally my fault), it went great!

We lived up to the show’s name as we covered a lot of material in the time allotted, from my start as a poet to my inspiration for poetry now. We listened to three tracks from ‘Live at Capital Slam 2011’, which will be released at the October 1st edition of Capital Slam. They were (in order):

Loh El – A Real Man
Rusty Priske – Angst
Sean O’Gorman – Forget the Cartoons

(Apparently we said fuck at least once in each poem… there is a reason we have started calling our team ‘The Capital Fucking Slam Team’.)

(As an aside, we recently had someone ask us to start performing ‘clean’ and stop swearing in our poems. Apparently we are responsible for corrupting him or something – his words, not mine. My kneejerk reaction was to say ‘Fuck you’ because I am juvenile and it would have been funny, but instead I gave him the real answer which is that we don’t censor our poets.)

We talked about my new book ‘Rusty Priske: Trapeze Artist’ and a whole slew of upcoming shows.

Here they are:

Urban Legends Season Opener, feat. ME! – Tonight, 6:30, Carleton University
Once Upon A Slam Season Opener, feat. Daniel Richer – Tonight, 6:30, Mercury Lounge
Brendan McLeod & the Kymeras – Sunday, 6:30, Mercury Lounge
CAPITAL SLAM, feat. Canadian Individual Slam Champion OpenSecret and the release of ‘Live at Capital Slam 2011’ – Oct. 1st, 6:30, Mercury Lounge