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I was planning the write a post about a very nice weekend and then I hit the big, horrible news this morning.

I’ll still try to recap.


Ruthanne had an event so I scheduled a writing evening. I put 2000 words together for L5R. It is scheduled to be released this Friday – ‘Aftermath 3’.


Sushi-Kan. Comics (Including GREAT news about Dave… out of ICU!). Then a CapSlam team fundraiser at the Mercury Lounge!

A solid open mic that included a range from new people, a hilarious poem by Marco Lobo and… OPENSECRET! It is always great to see Ikenna and it is even better to see him perform. (And it dropped a little adive to me about the team. Always listen to the two-time National Championship team member and current Canadian Individual Champ.) The night ended with a nice conversation with Andrew Brittain of Mudsahrk. (Watch for Live at Capital Slam 2011, coming this fall! I just saw the cover art by Kevin Matthews this morning!Awesome!)

The pieces I performed were: Shadow Boxing, One Petal, Trapeze Artist, A Van Full of Poets.


I haven’t been to Dusty Owl in a while. We went to watch an AMAZING story set by Jan Andrews. Strong. Touching. Emotional. Amazing stuff…

(And time for a little reflection about recent issues that I have had with content. Jan told a story that led into her own story. There were things about the initial story that I didn’t care for. At all. HOWEVER, I never thought that because there were aspects of the story that offended me, that Jan – who was using the story to help illustrate her OWN story – shouldn’t tell it. And context is everything. The set as a whole worked. Period.)

Oh, I did the open mic. 1968.


Got to work and heard the news that Jack Layton died early this morning.

Suddenly, things did not seem as bright as they had.