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Ian Kamau at Capital Slam

Posted: February 6, 2011 in Capital Slam, Slam
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Last night was Capital Slam and what an excellent show!

First off, I can’t say enough about the feature. If you EVER get the chance to see Ian Kamau perform run, don’t walk, to get there at the front of the line. The man is words and rhythm and talent and performance and smoothness in one body.

I was mesmerized and so were the rest of the packed (sold-out!) Mercury Lounge house.

As for the Slam, February is when we prioritize people who haven’t slammed yet this season to get them on the stage and make sure everyone gets a chance to get their three slams in to try and qualify for the CapSlam semi-finals in May.

So, did we get new slammers?

Did we?

How is this:

Johnny D back from his travels in the north… Crystal fresh from a Recipe writing workshop… Dini always an amazing human with experience… Kim Nguyen with her first time on stage… and Bruce Narbaitz who made his slam debut by WINNING out in Perth and is now trying the CapSlam stage.

Who else?

How about Urban Legend and CapSlam favourite Sean O’Gorman? How about former CPC Director and poetry midwife Danielle K.L. Gregoire? How about Urban Legend and the living-up-to-her-name D-Lightfull? My brother in beardiness Brad Morden? The man who holds down the CapSlam beat, PrufRock? Ezra Pound’s heir Loh El?

Danielle took the early lead but we all know that it is tough to hold when you go up early (not impossible, but tough), plus there were some heavyweights in the second half. Brad, Pruf and Loh El snuck ahead of her later, with Dini falling behind by only .1. But then newcomer Bruce Narbaitz came up in the anchor spot – a total newcomer to CapSlam- and slayed it, scoring the top numbers in the first round!

In the second round Bruce went up first and while the crowd didn’t embrace his second piece as much as his first, it was still all love and an amazing debut. Loh El was next and he brought the magic of a passion for the world and hope and despair and… well, Loh El. PrufRock went up third. He had done his classic ‘Patent Numbers’ in honour of Black History Month in the first round and brought out a sequel, ‘Patent Numbers Part 2’ in the second! Still, he had a bit of trouble with it (probably because it was so new) and got the only time penalty (other than Chris Tse as Sacrificial poet) of the night. Fourth was Brad Morden who was solid as always. Danielle went up last and spoke from her heart… also as always. The crowd ate it all up.

In the end it came down like this:

1. Loh El – 56.6 (28.4/28.2)
2. Brad Morden – 56.3 (27.9/28.4)
3. Bruce Narbaitz – 56.1 (28.7/27.4)
4. Danielle K.L. Gregoire – 55.8 (27.6/28.2)
5. PrufRock – 55.0 (28.6/26.4)

For the CapSlam season rankings, Chris Tse still holds the top spot but Loh El moved into second (passing me!). PrufRock (having now done his third slam of the season) moves in at #4 with Brad Morden at #5.

If the CapSlam semi-finals were today it would be:

Chris Tse, Loh El, Rusty Priske, PrufRock, Brad Morden, Mack Cannon, Sean O’Gorman, Elle P., Sarah Musa, Sepideh, ArRay-of-Words and Danielle K.L. Gregoire who would be invited (with Marco Lobo invited to be a sac.), but it isn’t done yet! There are still four more regular season slams and missing out of that list are people like Jessica Ruano and Talia (who have to slam once more to be in the running), and Sense-Say, Brandon Wint and Bruce Narbaitz who could make that list if they slam two more times!

The next CapSlam is on Feb. 19th and will still have priority sign-up for those who haven’t slammed yet this season for us.

The feature is the three-time CapSlam team member (tying a record with yours truly), two-time national slam champion (tying a record with Brandon Wint) and a member of the renowned Recipe – – OpenSecret!!