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I was planning the write a post about a very nice weekend and then I hit the big, horrible news this morning.

I’ll still try to recap.


Ruthanne had an event so I scheduled a writing evening. I put 2000 words together for L5R. It is scheduled to be released this Friday – ‘Aftermath 3’.


Sushi-Kan. Comics (Including GREAT news about Dave… out of ICU!). Then a CapSlam team fundraiser at the Mercury Lounge!

A solid open mic that included a range from new people, a hilarious poem by Marco Lobo and… OPENSECRET! It is always great to see Ikenna and it is even better to see him perform. (And it dropped a little adive to me about the team. Always listen to the two-time National Championship team member and current Canadian Individual Champ.) The night ended with a nice conversation with Andrew Brittain of Mudsahrk. (Watch for Live at Capital Slam 2011, coming this fall! I just saw the cover art by Kevin Matthews this morning!Awesome!)

The pieces I performed were: Shadow Boxing, One Petal, Trapeze Artist, A Van Full of Poets.


I haven’t been to Dusty Owl in a while. We went to watch an AMAZING story set by Jan Andrews. Strong. Touching. Emotional. Amazing stuff…

(And time for a little reflection about recent issues that I have had with content. Jan told a story that led into her own story. There were things about the initial story that I didn’t care for. At all. HOWEVER, I never thought that because there were aspects of the story that offended me, that Jan – who was using the story to help illustrate her OWN story – shouldn’t tell it. And context is everything. The set as a whole worked. Period.)

Oh, I did the open mic. 1968.


Got to work and heard the news that Jack Layton died early this morning.

Suddenly, things did not seem as bright as they had.

Kani no Nageki

Posted: March 28, 2010 in Fiction, L5R
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I don’t normally link to my L5R writing here, but I am especially proud of this story and think it stands on its own… without being forced to have an extensive understanding of the world it is set in.

Sufficed to say that it is a world populated with Samurai who are currently at war with some big monster dudes called the Destroyers.

Now the link goes to three stories but together. Mine is the first section. It runs up until the part about the Lion named Fumiyo. Cool?

Kani no Nageki