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This wasn’t actually a Capital Poetry Collective event but VERSeFest founder Rod Pederson came up with the idea and asked the Capital Slam Slam Master, Rusty Priske, to put in together.

That’s me, so I will stop talking about myself in the third person. 🙂

The first challenge was to decide who would be invited. Now there are a number of very talented women slammers who are taking part in monthly Capital Slams, Urban Legends, and Ottawa Youth Poetry Slam shows but seeing how this would be the first ever occurrence of the event, I decided that it was more appropriate to recognize the history of slam in Ottawa and bring up the people who have already established themselves as important parts of the community.
I started with any woman who has represented Ottawa at the National Slam Championships at the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word. I then added Elissa Molino for her role in founding Capital Slam… without which, who knows where we would be now! Then I filled out the roster with season finalists from CapSlam and Urban Legends. I then invited one of those new female poets to be the sacrificial poet for the show (Mia Morgan).

Then I stopped and stared at this amazing list of poets.


I am not going to give you a round by round breakdown of the show, like I do with CapSlam recaps, because that would not really capture the magic of the event. I even considered not posting the final standings, but slams ARE a competition, so I am not going to do that. What I am going to do is tell you that the skill, style, passion, bravery and strength shown on the stage last night was humbling and inspiring.

I am also going to tell you about a magical moment that started with the only really public slip-up during the event. Due to a miscommunication between the Art’s Court and those of us running the event, extra tickets were sold after the show sold out. We were forced (due to fire regulations) to ask the final people who entered the theatre to exit (with full refund, of course). It was ugly.

But then the slammers spoke up. En masse they stood up and walked across the stage and to the area behind the curtains, where they would be unable to watch the show (they could still listen) rather than ask those extra audience members to leave. Nobody prompted them to do it. They just did. It was beautiful. (And from the sounds back there, some serious bonding happened over the event!) 🙂

This was designed as a one-off event. It won’t be. This was a VERSeFest show but if they were to decide not to hold it next year, I would still do it up, somehow. You don’t just let something like this die.

Thank you to all the poets involved. You are all wonderful, beautiful, talented and inspiring.

Here are the final results. The Top 4 poets on this list are invited to perform at VERSeFest on Wednesday, February 29th (lucky day!) in a show presented by Voices of Venus. I (or one of the other VERSeFest organizers) will be contacting them with the details shortly.

3T. Festrell
3T. Elle P
5. Danielle K.L. Gregoire
6. Jenna Tenn-Yuk
7. Scotch
8. Stargazer
9T. CauseMo
9T. Sarah Musa
11. Rage
12. Elissa Molino

Every one – amazing.