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I hosted Capital Slam this last weekend. Brad is still on the road and Ruthanne had a show out at the Shenkman Center, so this one was on me.

That meant it wa also on me when I forgot to find judges. Sigh.
To my credit, I had other things on my mind. Despite getting a very good crowd (not another sell out, but we had 120 people), we didn’t have a full slate of poets. Amazing how we can go three or so slams in a row where I am bumping people, to a slam where we only have ten sign up.
The lack of poets meant we had no sac, so I was trying to find a poem in my book to read (hosting and being sac is never a good idea, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do…), but at the last minute Ibn Najeeb came in. He didn’t want to slam but he agreed to sac and we were all good.

Except I hadn’t found judges. I realized it during the first open micer and found judges faster than I ever have. (“You’re a judge. You’re a judge, You’re…” nobody said no.)

The show was great. Even the time penalty problems were entertaining. (Does anyone forget their poem in a more entertaining fashion than Sean O’Gorman? I don’t think so…)

Then there was Brandon Wint. What an amazing poet and amazing person.

Loh El won, but it my mind he was a little overshadowed by Chris Tse’s farewell performance that garnered five tens… and a 6.5 time penalty.

Next up… Tanya Davis on Dec. 3rd… and I am going to slam at that show!