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The Duncameron Update

Posted: September 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

Things are proceeding on the Duncameron project. I am not posting the poems yet until I get through some other pieces that I have previously written and want to slam, as I prefer posting in chronological order, but I can now say that The Duncameron #1: Beverage Lids and The Duncameron #2: Star Trek Rap are completed.

And Ruthanne just gave me an idea that will allow me to subvert the title of #3 (Breaks & Beats) to my own nefarious purposes.

The Duncameron Is Coming

Posted: August 11, 2011 in Uncategorized
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The trigger for my new project has dropped. This will take… years, probably.

Watch for a change on this site – a special page where you can follow my progress.

A writing challenge that is 100 POEMS LONG.

I first read about the challenge that inspired this one at Vancouver Poetry House.

Now THAT challenge (doing 100 poems in a row without repeating at the slam) was not one I was interested in taking on. I find that it takes me a couple of performances to even really feel a good poem.

As the challenged progressed, though, I saw a Vancouver poet – whom I have never met, other than jumping onto a Skyped Birthday wish at CFSW last fall – providing a list of his poem names as he went. His name is Duncan Shields.

I became interested in the idea of using these poem TITLES as a springboard. Finally I decided to do it. I told Duncan, via message board, that when he reached 100 poems, I was going to start writing poems inspired by the TITLES of his 100.

As I said, I have never met Duncan, nor have I heard or read his poetry. (Once I decided to do this project, I avoided watching videos of him performing any of these poems.)

It will be interesting (to me at least) how our pieces will differ. I already have an idea for the first one and I would bet that Duncan’s poem ‘Beverage Lids’ is not about being a touring poet or about coastal fishermen.

Inspiration is a funny thing.

So, you can follow along here. I will be posting them in my regular blog as well as in a special page on the blog. If Duncan wants, we can post his poems after I do my version. That is his call.

Should be fun.