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Posted: February 21, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Saturday was the latest Capital Slam and it was a great show!

I can’t go any further without mentioning OpenSecret. When he first came to Capital Slam he was already talented, but a little green. His poetry was already top notch but his delivery, while still decent, was not what it ended up being.

By the end of that season he was on the CapSlam team. He has now made the team three times (a feat only equalled by one other person… ahem).

He was the feature on Saturday and I can honestly say it was the best feature of the season. His new arrangement of ‘When It Rains’ has taken an already amazing piece to new levels. Two of his partners in The Recipe joined him for ‘Angela Davis’… he did his Joan of Arc poem… he did a NEW PIECE… the show was just amazing!

As for the Slam itself, being February we had a bunch of new slammers, taking us up to 59 for the season. Score creep was less prevelant than usual as the top poets came from all across the first round. Sarah Musa was first up and made the second round (that is quite tough to do!).

Some highlights of the first round include newcomers Rachel Small and V (who both got large time penalties so couldn’t advance). Rachel is the poet (teamed with her friend Kat) who beat me at the Speak Out show in Kitchener, so she must be good! (just kidding… not about her being good, though)
Crowd favourite Dini dropped a piece parodying K’naan’s ‘Waving Flag’ called ‘Waving Dick’ (#When I get older / I’ll have a boner#) That may sound a little… lowbrow… but trust me, it was funny.
Another surprise was DJ Aunt Heather making her slam debut for the season!
After the first round was done Vanessa Baker (her second slam!) was in first, followed by Mack Cannon, Truth Is…(season debut), Sean O’Gorman, then a tie between Sarah Musa and Robin Magder (a regular at Voices of Venus making her CapSlam debut!)

Man, I love talking about people making their CapSlam debut. I’m just sayin’…

In the second round two names really jumped out. Both Truth Is… and Sarah Musa reminded us that the days of CapSlam being male-dominated are over. Truth Is… took the win with Sarah Musa, Mack Cannon, Vanessa Baker, Robin Magder and Sean O’G rounding out the Top 6.

The Next slam is March 5th and will feature Capital Slam co-founder, Greg ‘Ritallin’ Frankson!

Our priority list adjusts for March, with poets who have slammed exactly once this season getting priority. Those poets are:

Ali Alikhani
Amal el-Mohtar
Brandon Wint
Bruce Narbaitz
Crystal Powers
David Howell
DJ Aunt Heather
Eric McIntyre
Helena B.
Hodan Ibrahim
Jai Aquarian
James Whitehead
Jenna Tenn-Yuk
Johnny D
Kim Nguyen
Mark Good
Matt Peake
Matt Warnholtz
Rachel Small
Richard Parson
Robin Magder
Tommy Fitz
Truth Is…
Vanessa Furlong