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The AGM for the Capital Poetry Collective (presenters of Capital Slam), has now been scheduled for June 14th for 7pm in the basement of the Royal Oak on Laurier.

This is a pretty important meeting and I encourage anyone with any sort of stake in the CPC or CapSlam to come down.

Here is what we are going to cover:


Election of Collective Director for the next year.

Nathanael Larochette has chosen to not put his name forward this year. He will ‘retire’ as the longest serving Director in CPC history.

Brad Morden has put his name forward to run for the position.

Election of SlamMaster for the year.

Rusty Priske (that be me!) has indicated that he wishes to maintain the position.

If anyone would like to put their name forward for either position, let me know asap, either here, e-mail, Facebook or Twitter….


Every year we discuss proposed rules changes. So far we have had two proposals.

1. A small change in the way we rank poets. Currently poets get their best three slams, as decided by their position in the slam (with best night score as the tiebreaker). This led to an odd situation where a poet won a slam and had their ranking drop because they had to keep a worse score (and scores equal half of the value of the ranking). The suggestion si that we ‘de-couple’ the score for the position of finish, so a poet gets their best three positions and their best three scores (only their tops core from a night counts) to avoid such things and actually make positions and scores equal.

2. It has been requested that we remove the rule where people who feature are not allowed to slam during that same season.

Any other rules proposals should be sent to me, asap.


We wish to have a discussion about our financial priorities. Currently the official priority list is:

1. Sending a team to CFSW
2. Creation of the ‘Live at Capital Slam’ CD
3. Doesn’t matter, because that uses all of our money. 🙂

So if you wish to run for a position or propose a rule change, let me know here, Facebook, e-mail, twitter, wherever…

Who can vote:

The official voting members of the Collective are:
Anyone who has slammed at least once during the previous two seasons.
Anyone who had officially volunteered during the previous two seasons.
Anyone who has represented Capital Slam as part of a team at CFSW.
The co-founders.

I look forward to seeing you at the meeting (but first the Semi-Finals on May 7th and the Finals on June 10th!)